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Accelerate your transition to a greener Electric Vehicle fleet

DRIVE enables you to efficiently and effectively implement your Electric Vehicle fleet transition

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    Change the way you manage your vehicles, your drivers & your business

    Efficiency, innovation and opportunity in fleet management and automotive mobility

    Drive Software Solutions designs and delivers software for a new age of carbon neutral automotive mobility. Solutions that allow our customers to address current fleet management requirements, transition to greener Electric Vehicles and to position themselves for fundamental shifts in vehicle ownership and operation.

    DRIVE is enabling fleet operators to accelerate their transition to greener Electric Vehicles, providing the visibility, insights and platform to better manage this transition.

    The market is increasingly turning to shared ownership, ride hailing and other Mobility as a Service (MaaS) models. DRIVE remains at the forefront of this shift, developing the technologies that allow the industry to adapt, innovate and prosper.

    Fleet management solutions for every market sector

    • Transition to a Greener Fleet

    We enable your transition to electric vehicles

    From real-time analysis of fleet data to the true total cost of ownership comparison, we enable you to make the transition to Electric Vehicles at the right time and to the right models.

    ODO Drive electric
    ODO fleet management
    • Company vehicle and driver management

    Efficiency, compliance & cost savings

    DRIVE’s ODO Fleet Management platform relieves you from the complexity of vehicle and driver management and rewards you with time, savings and new opportunities.

    • Brokers, Dealers & OEMs

    Revenues, renewals, new markets

    ODO gives brokers, dealers & OEMs the opportunity to engage their customers with award winning fleet management, to integrate and expand existing services and to identify new revenue generating solutions.

    Fleet management for lease companies
    • Lease companies

    Cradle to grave purchase, deployment & disposal

    A highly configurable technology platform with bespoke functionality options to streamline current operating requirements and open direct to market opportunities.

    • A future in Mobility as a Service

    Addressing a changing environment

    We are experiencing rapid changes in vehicle technology, ownership and use. DRIVE delivers the solutions that allow existing businesses to adapt and new markets entrants to deploy.

    mobility as a service

    Working with the best and recognised as the best

    Leaders in the field – engaging with customers and driving revenue and margin growth

    Best Fleet Management Company

    European IT & Software Excellence Awards 2020

    Best Fleet Management Company

    Shortlisted for Business Car Awards

    Drive engagement and opportunity with DRIVE and ODO

    Customer Retention Is The Cornerstone

    Trusted by Leading Organisations

    30 years of award winning innovation

    The industry’s most experienced team with 2.5 million person days invested in a technology platform that delivers solutions for today and tomorrow.

    Award winning innovation in fleet management

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    “We don’t make any secret of the fact that it is ODO that gives our client offer credibility and that there is a powerful system behind the product that should give customers confidence.”

    Paul Bulloch, Managing Director

    Concept Vehicle Leasing

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