• DRIVE Software Solutions reports near trebling of vehicles on its ODO platform in past 6 months
  • Delivery companies lead growth as trend to WFH continues and may remain
  • Leasing brokers adopt functionality as they look to move into fleet management
  • Automotive industry recognises shift to “usership” from “ownership”

November 18th 2020; LONDON –

DRIVE Software Solutions, a leading provider of fleet management technology, today announces  a near trebling of vehicles on its ODO fleet management platform since April 2020.

This exceptional growth in the midst of a pandemic is being driver by increased demand from three key customer segments:

  1. Delivery companies that are seeing exponential growth in home deliveries as consumers buy online.
  2. Leasing brokers that are diversifying their business models to introduce recurring revenue streams from fleet management service. DRIVE has grown its broker customer base by 30% since April 2020.
  3. The automotive sector (OEMs, Dealers, Brokers) where the long-term trend for consumers to migrate from vehicle ownership to usership,  requiring them to optimise their fleet through multiple channels including car sharing, subscription models and short-term rental.

Described as the ‘evolution engine’ of the industry, DRIVE’s intuitive fleet management platform ODO enables suppliers within the automotive industry (OEMs, Dealers, Brokers, Lease Cos and SMEs) to evolve their business models quickly to adapt to this rapidly changing market.

ODO delivers three key benefits to businesses looking to optimise their fleet, namely:

  • Peace of mind; ODO enables vehicles and drivers to remain compliant whilst also making it easy to deliver on duty of care responsibilities (including, but not limited to driver health and vehicle safety) and giving confidence that any fraudulent activity is identified;
  • Lower fleet costs: through functionality that prevents end of lease surprises and reduces fuel and maintenance costs.
  • Time saving; with a driver app that empowers users to self-serve and manage vehicles efficiently, with proactive prompts to identify and prioritise issues, key tasks and reporting.

A number of key players in the industry have been commenting recently on DRIVE, reflecting the positivity surrounding the ODO app and platform which is driving its growth:

Select Car Leasing’s Corporate Implementation Manager Paul Defoe said: “We are really impressed with the ODO software.  It allows you to save a lot of time when running your fleet and all the data is easily visible, accessible, and simple to extract. Gone are the days of recording everything on a spreadsheet! It also provides a full solution for compliance checking and monitoring for extra piece of mind.”

Meanwhile, DRIVE has recently enabled Rivervale to win bigger fleets.  As COO Vince Pemberton commented “Winning larger fleets reflects the progress we have made over the last few years as we have expanded our fleet management capabilities both inhouse and with the support of the ODO platform. It represents a major milestone for our business as we continue to expand our fleet management offering through a ‘customer first’ approach.”

Finally, Paul Bulloch of Concept Vehicle Leasing confirmed the enormous time saving capabilities enabled by ODO when he confirmed: “Implementing the ODO fleet management solution can save a business running a fleet of 20, 25 vehicles up to six weeks a year.”

Robert Gorby, Chief Commercial Officer for DRIVE Software Solutions, said: “We’re delighted with the growth we’ve seen so far this year. However, this is just the start of something much bigger for DRIVE and the industry generally as we accelerate towards the new realities of Mobility as a Service, Electric and hydrogen vehicles, Autonomous and Connected vehicles and an increasingly digitally savvy consumer”.

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About DRIVE Software Solutions

Drive Software Solutions’ developed technologies are responsible for the management of 1.5 million vehicles in 55 countries around the world. From bespoke software platforms and consultancy for individual corporates to ODO, our cloud delivered solution for fleet management, DRIVE is at the forefront of the automotive mobility sector.

DRIVE runs in the Oracle cloud, giving businesses a bespoke platform to manage their fleet and their drivers on the go at anytime, anywhere, using all devices.

Time to optimise your fleet. www.ododrive.com


For more information contact Robert Gorby on 07861 234984 / robert@ododrive.com or Scott Fulton at scott@fulton-associates.com / 07788 144993


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