Most will agree it is great to see the back of 2020. Well, now it’s time we also saw the back of 80/20.

In fact, it’s time we broke 80/20!

No, not the year!

Yes, the biggest rule of them all, the 80/20 rule, also known as the Pareto principle.

Breaking the rule

We’re all familiar with the rule and, like it or not, much of our lives are governed by it!

It’s the common short form we all use to express frustration that we never spend the time on the things that count. That the majority of profit comes from a minority of customers. That there is so much more we could do if we had the time to really focus on a broader opportunity set.

So, now we’ve said goodbye to 2020, it’s time we said goodbye to 80/20 and the limits it is putting on our personal, professional and business opportunity.

Break the limits – discover the possibilities

Whether you’re a Fleet Manager (or more likely the person who has been lumbered with managing company vehicles amongst other roles!) who spends 80% of their time firefighting and dealing with issues and only 20% planning a better future, a Broker who generates 80% of the profit from only 20% of customers or a Dealer who sees 80% of revenue from one-off sales but only 20% from recurring revenues, it’s time to change!

The automotive industry is changing rapidly, from the migration by businesses to greener fleets and the digitisation of fleet management to the transition to Mobility as a Service, not to mention the autonomous connected car. Keeping on top of it all is not for the faint-hearted. You need a partner and a platform that enables you to manage the evolution of your fleet of vehicles, regardless of the direction you are taking.


One that enables businesses to lower fleet costs, stay compliant and save time.


One that also enables OEMs, dealers, brokers and lease companies to generate new recurring revenue streams, boost retention rates and inspire customers with innovative new solutions.


That partner is DRIVE. That platform is ODO.


Recognised as the ‘Best Fleet Management Company 2020’ by Business Motoring Awards, our solutions are already managing over 2,000,000 vehicles worldwide and we’re growing rapidly.


We’re enabling ambitious businesses, brokers, dealers and OEMs to say goodbye to the frustrations of the 80/20 rule and taking them on a journey to greener, more profitable, more efficient fleets.


Join us!

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