Acosta Europe is the European arm of the global Acosta sales and marketing business, which employs over 30,000 people globally – representing the world’s leading brands in retail. In the UK, the Acosta Europe team predominantly works in supermarkets and convenience stores, helping grow sales of household brands such as Nestlé, Heineken & Kraft Heinz through the use of data, insights and delivered by representatives in the field.

The award-winning Acosta Europe team relies on a vehicle fleet, with safety and usability at its core. It has chosen to partner with Rivervale in the next phase of its ongoing development. Established in 2001, Rivervale is the UK’s leading vehicle leasing company (5* rated by TrustPilot), providing clients access to over 10,000 vehicles across a range of requirements. Reflecting client requests and the emerging transition of the automotive market to EV, Rivervale is leading its industry in providing support to customers: support which is underpinned by ODO.

ODO’s functionality allows both businesses and leasing brokers to monitor and understand the use of vehicles: providing critical management data at a time when the combination of ICE and EV vehicles is under scrutiny. Customers such as Acosta Europe and Rivervale are essential components of the ODO ecosystem. Their use of and feedback on ODO’s adaptability and insight are critical to the use of its systems.

“Fleet is a vital tool in delivering our service offering, with hundreds of our team relying on it to achieve their goals every day. The safety of our team is paramount and we were looking for a partner that could enhance safety, usability and management for all of our fleet users. We are pleased to partner with Rivervale and ODO Fleet Management to deliver this.”

Justin Rigden

Group Operations Director
Acosta Europe

“Rivervale’s commitment to support our customers is at the heart of our business. We seek to understand their needs in order to fulfill them. Having a reliable, safe fleet is a vital part of Acosta Europe’s ability to deliver for their clients. Our ability to support that work is critical to our own progress. ODO provides the tools which allow both Acosta Europe and Rivervale to focus on providing what our customers need and the peace of mind that this process is managed effectively”.

Jaymie Stanbrook - Rivervale Leasing
Jaymie Stanbrook

Fleet Manager
Rivervale Leasing

“The Rivervale / Acosta Europe ecosystem demonstrates the efficiency of ODO to its best advantage. ODO delivers peace of mind, lower fleet costs and more time to businesses like Acosta. Our easy to use App delivers vital management information, particularly during the current situation and in advance of the expected transition from ICE to EV”.

Robert Gorby

Chief Commercial Officer

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