Based in Cowbridge near Bridgend, South Wales, My Big Green Fleet is a vehicle leasing brokerage that has built up a solid reputation for customer service and a growing fleet by positioning as experts in minimising the environmental and cost impact of vehicles. The business specialises in car finance and leasing as well as offering businesses support services including fleet management, vehicle tracking, servicing, fleet insurance and vehicle rental.

My Big Green Fleet founder and Managing Director Andy Wiggins is not just a well known face in automotive circles, with 25 years’ experience in the vehicle industry and the leasing sector by way of Godfreys, Wessex Garages and Carbon Fleet Management, but he is also a familiar face to rugby fans of a certain age who watched his exploits on the pitch as he represented Cardiff Blues.

To establish My Big Green Fleet in the market when he set the business up, and to ensure competitive rates for the firm’s customers, Wiggins has gone to great lengths to build relationships with the vehicle manufacturers as well as big name vehicle finance players such as Arval, ALD, Hitachi and LEX. Wiggins’ sporting connections continue to keep the business in the spotlight with sponsorships of
Dragons Rugby and Cardiff Ice Hockey team key elements in the My Big Green Fleet marketing mix.

“ODO has freed up a body within their business to do other work that they would never have been able to do. So that is a direct saving of over £28,000 just on the wage bill.”

Andy Wiggins

Managing Director


Stuart Meikle joined the My Big Green Fleet team as Sales Director in October 2018, bringing over 20 years of experience and know how from the B2B telecoms sector. Putting the My Big Green Fleet business into context Meikle says, ‘Our sweet spot is companies with between 10 and 50 vehicles. Bigger companies will tend to have a dedicated fleet manager. We encourage companies to think of us as a partner or an internal part of their organisation, rather than a supplier. On the consumer side of things it is people looking for individual leases, while on the B2B side it is about fleet management and compliance. ‘


According to My Big Green Fleet, ninety percent of people still manage their vehicle fleet on Excel spreadsheets, so by doing the demonstration of ODO, an actual fleet management platform, companies they are dealing with can see a huge saving in their time and effort. Three of the companies they are currently dealing with have full time transport managers but have no systems in place to take care of compliance. They also have staff using their own vehicles for work purposes, referred to as grey fleet.


With ODO, clients have all the information they need about their fleet available at the touch of a button. From the point of view of liability, the inclusion of things like mileage reports, vehicle condition reporting and fitness to drive, which is via a smartphone app used by drivers, has taken the onus off directors and put it back on to fleet drivers. It’s a brilliant tool.


Meikle feels the ODO platform gives My Big Green Fleet a real advantage in the B2B sector saying, ‘With ODO we are able to help our customers to be more efficient by modifying how their drivers behave on the road using telematics that integrate into the fleet management system. Also by using the system to analyse whole life costs and manage de-fleet costs we are able to bring real savings to our customers.’

Protect your customers and your brand

Managing Director Andy Wiggins sees one of the main benefits to customers of the fleet management service that My Big Green Fleet is able to offer as freeing up management time. Talking about a Birmingham based client who has 68 vehicles, Wiggins says, ‘We have just put the fleet management program in for them and that has freed up a body within their business to do other work that they would never have been able to do. So that is a direct saving of over £28,000 just on the wage bill.’

Another real world benefit of the ODO system for My Big Green Fleet customers is avoiding expensive mileage penalties on high mileage company vehicles. Andy Wiggins outlines a scenario that will be familiar to many fleet operators, ‘A customer with a fleet of Volkswagen Passats on 15,000 mile per year contracts might have one driver who for whatever reason starts to rack up 24,000 miles per year while another is only doing 12,000 miles. With ODO we will see that in the monthly reports and because the vehicles are all the same for P11D purposes, we can advise our client to rotate the cars between the drivers so they don’t pay for extra servicing or get penalised at the end of
the vehicle’s contract. This can save them thousands of pounds.’

Asked to sum up the mission at My Big Green Fleet, Andy Wiggins says, ‘Protect your customers and protect your
brand, those are the two main parts of the business, if you can do that everything else will fall into place.’

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