Vehicle Purchase and Disposal

With ODO in your team, you have an expert fleet manager in your smartphone, tablet or PC who will help you keep your vehicles legal and your drivers compliant with all of the latest requirements.


ODO makes it simple

ODO allows you to delegate responsibilities on one platform. This simplifies the process and ensures vehicles are replaced efficiently and are managed from a common dashboard.

Using current valuation data, you can see what your assets are worth and if you are paying too much for replacement nearly new assets.

As a vehicle the owner the liability for fines and penalties is with you. Disposing and de-fleeting the vehicle quickly in ODO means that the new owner picks up the fine or penalty rather than you.


ODO is a Fleet Management application from Drive Software Solutions a company with a long and successful history in the management of fleet and vehicle asset. Drive Software Solutions has been at the forefront of fleet technology since the mid-1990s.

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