Fleet Managers

You might not call yourself a Fleet Manager. Your company might not be in the business of fleet management. But if managing your company’s vehicles and drivers is part of what you do, then ODO can help you do it quicker and better. While freeing up your time to focus on the business that matters to your business.

A single platform to put you back in control

Vehicles are crucial for the daily running and operation of millions of businesses. So why is the management, running and operation of the vehicles too often time-consuming, costly and complex?

Vehicles, drivers, regulations, licences, expenses, mileage, telematics, maintenance, servicing, risk assessment, training. Where are your company’s vehicles? Where do they need to be? Who needs to be driving them? What are the costs involved? Are you compliant with a minefield of regulations? Will you meet carbon reduction and environmental targets?

You’re probably not a ‘Fleet Manager’ and your company probably isn’t in the
business of fleet management.

But, despite that, someone has to be responsible for vehicle and driver management, even if your employees are driving their own vehicles. You have legal obligations and regulations to comply with, to say nothing of the expense associated with a poorly managed fleet. And that’s why the team at DRIVE developed ODO.

A simple, straightforward dashboard for you. A simple, straightforward mobile app for your drivers. ODO integrates multiple documents, data, licenses, appointments, usage stats, HR information and telematics into a single solution.

SME fleet management

ODO: the newest member of your team

Peace of mind

You’re not just managing vehicles, you’re managing drivers. ODO is your HR assistant, making it easy to deliver on your duty of care to drivers, and your duty to comply with regulations. Automate notifications for vehicle inspectionsand fitness to drive checks, and enable drivers to share photos and updates inreal time, ensuring health and safety remains at the fore. GDPR- and DVLA-compliant, ODO will tell you about any driver points and penalties, make sure training and risk assessments are up to date, and keep all of this information safe and secure – just like your drivers.

Lower costs

Managing vehicles costs money – but it needn’t be costly. Giving you full visibility into how, when and where your company’s vehicles are being used, ODO allows you to identify where savings can be made. Monitor current spendand utilisation, and predict future servicing needs. Reduce fuel, maintenance and insurance costs. Make sure the right vehicle is used for the right job at theright time – benefitting your business’s bottom line and, by matching the rightdriver with the right vehicle, improving the driving experience.

Time saving

Managing 5 cars can be as time-consuming as managing 500. ODO consolidates all the information – historic, future and real time – on vehicles and drivers you need, saving hundreds of man-hours and freeing up time for the tasks that matter. All of this data is available via a single platform, searchable and updatable in a few clicks. A proactive assistant, ODO will also tell you or your drivers when to take action, be it booking a vehicle service or running a healthy and safety course – helping you get out of the pit stop and into the fast lane.

Drive engagement and opportunity with DRIVE and ODO

Customer Retention Is The Cornerstone

ODO mobile app

All the tools you need

  • Administration
    With ODO you take full control of your vehicles and drivers with everything in one secure, organised application.
  • Maintenance
    ODO automatically knows about service schedules, so if one of your vehicles needs an oil-change, ODO will let you and your drivers know.
  • Reminders
    ODO tells you all the important things you need to know about your vehicles and drivers and will send you timely notifications.
  • Compliance
    Keep your vehicles legal and your drivers compliant with all of the latest requirements.
  • Finance
    Regain control over fuel, maintenance, buying and selling.
  • Reporting
    Quickly generate reports from ODO on drivers and/or vehicles.

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