Lease companies:

Behind ODO sits DRIVE, a solution for supporting automated vehicle leasing and managing every aspect of vehicle contract finance – at scale.

Clarifying complexity

Vehicle leasing is complex. In the UK – due to strict regulations and codes of conduct – it’s very complex. It’s within this automotive ecosystem that the team at DRIVE has been operating for decades. And it’s out of this complexity that we created our proprietary technologies. Over 250,000 person days have been dedicated to creating the industry’s most capable and comprehensive technology platform for vehicle financing and management. It’s industrial strength, running in the Oracle Cloud, and highly configurable to meet your specific needs, now and in the future.

DRIVE automates finance and contract management for lease companies. Currently running millions of lease management contracts, DRIVE technologies are capable of supporting some of the world’s biggest corporate entities.

ODO for lease companies

DRIVE change, reduce risk

Managing hundreds of vehicle and service contracts for multiple customers is problematic. Storing data on different spreadsheets and keeping up to date with contractual details is difficult – and, with the need to adhere to GDPR regulations – potentially high-risk.

DRIVE helps lease companies to store, access and manage multiple contracts within a single solution but DRIVE can deliver so much more to lease companies:

  • Adoption of the ODO fleet management solution allows you to develop a close and direct relationship with vehicle lessees, avoiding the middle man and providing you with added revenue opportunities through enhanced services and repeat business.
  • Using the DRIVE technology platform to assist you in creating entirely new business models. Adapting to the market with innovative new solutions that take account of the changing nature of vehicle ownership and deployment.

Navigating change – fast lane to the future

The way companies run fleets of vehicles, and the way drivers want to use vehicles, is changing. Demand for new types of agreements, like flexible leasing and car subscription services, is growing.

Saving time and effort and streamlining traditionally time-consuming processes, DRIVE is enabling lease companies to adapt to these changes, quickly, easily, and with agility.

And who better to rely on than a UK-based company whose future-focussed outlook has been consistently recognised across the industry?

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