The first broker to go live with ODO’s fleet management software is Concept Vehicle Leasing.

Announced at the Brighton broker dinner (Jun 27), ODO and Concept have been working together for the last six months to ensure the software as a service (SaaS) can work effectively for brokers.

ODO offers brokers the opportunity to fleet manage their clients. This broadens the range of services brokers can provide. It also allows brokers to see which vehicles on a client’s fleet are funded through different providers.

We see the opportunity ODO provides is to give us a powerful management tool that will help us provide improved customer service and a wider portfolio of services,

said Paul Bulloch, Managing Director of Concept Vehicle Leasing, winner of Best Small Leasing Broker and Best Small Leasing Broker Customer Service awards.

ODO knows our marketplace well and adopt a can-do approach which has made the process of migrating across from our existing systems to ODO seamless. We’ve enjoyed working with the ODO team over the past few months and look forward to our continued partnership.

West Oliver support platform for brokers2

Simon West-Oliver, Sales & Marketing Director for ODO, added:

When we launched ODO in January the roadmap was always to deliver a truly connected client experience for the brokers to facilitate a stronger support platform for the broker and their customers. With SMEs being our target audience, it was important to provide a level of automation with ODO that would seriously assist their day to day needs and provide the brokers with the ability to deliver it in a seamless and cost-effective solution.

The Concept and ODO relationship is all about keeping customers moving, secure, safe and most importantly happy. Paul and his team saw ODO as a real enhancement to their business and their client commitment.

ODO is a partner of the Leasing Broker Federation. It provides powerful cloud-based fleet management through a simple front end. Other brokers wishing further information on ODO should contact Simon on or you can explore our broker page HERE

This article is from the Leasing Broker Federation first published July 17th 2018 by Ralph Morton

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