DRIVE Software Solutions, a leading provider of fleet management technology, today announces the launch of an EV Transition Planning solution which will enable businesses and their leasing brokers to accelerate the transition to greener fleets.

Developed in partnership with Masternaut (a Michelin Group company), this innovative and intuitive solution uses real fleet trip data and insights to provide management with the data to identify:

  • which vehicles to transition to EV,
  • when to transition and,
  • the best EV models to transition to, based on individual business operations.

Many solutions on the market use generic range data. The ODO Transition Planning solution is different. It uses real fleet data and insights such as route planning and driver behaviour to recommend an optimal transition plan.

The solution includes tools for the following stages of the EV Transition journey

  1. Readiness Assessment: A detailed two-month analysis of real fleet data using a plug-in telematics device, followed by a consultation call and personalised report to recommend which parts of your fleet are ready to transition and which require some trip modifications:
  2. Transition Planning: A suite of insights to enable in-depth EV vehicle comparison, TCO comparison, Charge point planning and CO² emissions tracking. All delivered with the support of our data scientists:
  3. Ongoing EV Management: With the ODO Fleet Management solution and integrated telematics from Masternaut, businesses can view and manage their EV vehicles, allowing them to understand EV performance and energy usage as well as report on consumption, CO2 plus much more.


Jason Gill, European Sales Director for Masternaut commented: “We’re extremely excited about this partnership with ODO. It will enable leasing brokers and their customers to accelerate their transition to greener fleets. The only way to transition effectively to EV is by using real fleet data and insights. This solution takes the guesswork out of transition planning for businesses; giving them the confidence that they are making the right decisions at the right time for the right vehicle.”

Robert Gorby, Chief Commercial Officer for DRIVE Software Solutions, said: “Businesses have been telling us that they need to prevent range anxiety amongst their drivers, get a better understanding of real EV performance and be able to see everything in one place. This partnership and proposition delivers on all counts and we are looking forward to enabling the industry to accelerate the transition to greener fleets”.

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