It’s been a number of years since DRIVE Software Solutions migrated our entire business to the Oracle Cloud. The upcoming Oracle Thrive Together event, featuring our Chief Commercial Officer, Robert Gorby, gave us reason to reflect on the positive transformational impact the Cloud has had on our business.

Not too long ago the word ‘Cloud’ was relatively unknown and less well understood, particularly in comparison to its distant relative ‘On Premise’. How times have changed! Requests for an on-premise solution are rare these days as the benefits of the cloud have become more evident.

Thanks to Oracle Cloud, our business is very different today when compared to a few years ago. Cloud has done two major things for us.

First, it has enabled us to transform our business.

We have been able to bring new propositions to market more rapidly and we have opened new channels to market with ODO, our SaaS Fleet Management offering. Some recent examples of new product launches include our Covid-19 precautions app (ensuring drivers and vehicles adhere to Coivi-19 precautions) as well as our Broker Complete solution (an end-to-end lead generation tool for brokers). New channels to market over the past few years include the Broker market where we have seen great growth in demand for our Fleet Management solution (we have trebled our vehicles on ODO over the course of the last year).

Secondly, the Oracle Cloud has enabled us to transform the business of many of our clients.

One of the most rewarding aspects of our business is seeing the positively transformational impact ODO DRIVE is having on our customers. We’re enabling leasing companies, dealers and brokers to transition from one-off revenue models to recurring revenue streams, enabling them to move from transactional to relational models with their customers, thereby win bigger customers and grow revenues. We’re also making a positive difference to the environment with ODO underpinning the transition to greener fleets.

So we’re proud of the fact that our transformation has also led to the transformation of our customers businesses.

Of course, the migration of our business to the cloud some time ago has resulted in a cultural shift within the business too. The automotive and mobility markets are evolving so rapidly that it’s important for us as a business to remain adaptable, flexible and open to new opportunities that arise.

Cloud gives us that flexibility to be able to adjust our roadmap to satisfy both short term needs and also longer-term trends and market direction.

We’ve enjoyed positive feedback from customers in relation to our adaptability and ability to deliver enhancements at speed. On that point we’ll leave you with a quote from one of our largest clients FleetPartners in Australia, who had this to say about working with our team.

Agility, scalability and stability are key enablers in our business transformation. Upgrading DRIVE gives us the ability to accelerate our current growth trajectory and deliver best in-class experiences for our customers. The DRIVE team delivered on their promises and the upgrade project was done on time and budget, which is a testament to the Drive’s team skillset and commitment to their customers.

Harry Nakichbandi
Chief Information Officer
Eclipx Group

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