Most fleet managers today, both in lease brokers providing the fleet and businesses managing the fleet, spend far too much time managing multiple manual solutions. Most of their thinking time is taken trying to stay on top of actions as opposed to focusing on their business.

So when the opportunity (or more likely the burning platform) arises to ditch the manual approach and adopt technology, they don’t think twice.

Technology usually is the answer to manual mayhem. However, it’s important not to be hooked on technology for technology sake. Just because it enables you to spend every moment of the day analysing data and identifying what can be connected, gathered, automated, enhanced doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do. We’re often tempted and distracted by the latest and the greatest.

The problem this presents is that the bigger picture can get lost.

So, when considering the Fleet Management route you take, consider this.

Technology providers often fall into one of two camps.

Functionality driven – those who value features and functionality over ease-of-use and
Simplicity driven – those who value simplicity and style over optimisation.
Interestingly, they both share a common ground. They see their objective as delivering an operational benefit as opposed to a broader business benefit. This mindset can impact the value they deliver to your business.

The smartest tech companies in the world are those who start with the one big thing that their customer needs. By focusing on the ultimate goal of their customer, they benefit from the clarity of vision against which they develop and align their proposition, their platform and their playbook. At ODOdrive, this is how we operate.

Our mission is to give Brokers and Fleet Managers the key thing they need. Time to Optimise Their Fleet.

Given the pressure on finances and resources in a Covid-19 world, who wouldn’t like more time to find savings and deliver efficiencies. From reducing costs of maintenance and servicing to avoiding penalties and unwanted end of lease costs, ODO gives your business a seamless end-to-end automated fleet management solution.

After all, whoever achieved something amazing in a world of manual mayhem?

ODO gives leasing brokers the time and capability to enjoy new recurring revenue streams, improve renewal rates and, best of all, inspire their customers.

We also give Brokers the confidence in their offering to know that they are delivering tangible and valuable benefits to their customers in the form of Peace of Mind, Lower Fleet Costs and of course, More Time to focus on their business.

In today’s Covid-19 era, it’s no longer acceptable to blame manual mayhem on a lack of progress or on increasing costs. Success today depends on freeing the time and talent to optimise your business. So, choose your technology partner carefully.

ODO. Time to optimise your fleet.

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