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Electric Vehicles are the here, the now and the future.

Businesses around the world are accelerating their transition to alternative-power transport, such as Electric and Hydrogen Vehicles. An effective transition means minimising the impact on the day-to-day operation of your business, whilst maximising the environmental benefits.

Real-time analysis of fleet data plus a true total cost of ownership comparison will enable the transition to Electric Vehicles at the right time and with the right models for your business. DRIVE’s ODO platform provides these insights and will give you this competitive advantage.

Your questions answered

Transitioning to a greener EV fleet can be a daunting task. There are many complexities and factors to consider such as:

  • How many vehicles should you transition?
  • Which should you transition first?
  • Which EV models will suit your operations best?
  • What will be the impact on your daily operating costs?
  • How will you measure your CO² reductions?
  • How can you be sure to stay ahead of new legislation and regulation?

The DRIVE team are here to enable you navigate the complexities and plan your transition effectively.

DRIVE the road to zero

At DRIVE, we’re already enabling companies to migrate to Electric Vehicles. Here are some examples:

How it works:

The ODO EV Transition Planning solution uses real fleet trip data to recommend which vehicles to transition to EV, when to transition and identifies the best EV models to transition to based on your customer’s fleet operations.

We have tools for each stage from readiness assessment through transition planning to ongoing EV management.

The first stage is to analyse your fleet and trips using real data to assess which vehicles are ready to move to EV today and which would require some journey planning amendments to enable transition.

What’s included:

  • OBD device (M210)
    • Customer / broker keeps device
  • 2 months free access to ODO and telematics
    • New ODO users only
  • Real time tracking of fleet data by masternaut data scientists
  • 1 hour consultation call with Masternaut data scientist
    • Discuss fleet insights and assess readiness to transition
  • Personalised report for the customer
    • Recommendation about which vehicles to transition, when to transition and to which Electric Vehicle

Further in-depth analysis of your fleet operation by our data scientists to enable the development of the ideal transition plan, including;

  • In-depth EV vehicle comparison
    • Identifies and recommends the best EVs with real-life data
  • TCO comparison
    • View the impact of transitioning on your operating costs, at both fleet and vehicle level
  • Charge point planner
    • Develop a bespoke charging point strategy using your fleet data, in partnership with our experts
  • CO² emissions tracker
    • See the impact of transitioning on your CO² tailpipe emissions, at both fleet and vehicle level
  • Additional in-depth consultation call with Masternaut data scientist
    • Discuss fleet insights and assess readiness to transition

ODO provides you with the tools and insights to optmise your fleet, giving you peace of mind, lower fleet costs and more time savings regardless of which type of vehicles you are running.

  • ODO Fleet Management
    • Peace of mind, lower costs, more time
  • ODO Driver App
    • Driver self-serve and inspections
  • Masternaut Telematics
  • EV vehicle insights, data and management
    • Allows fleets to understand EV performance, energy usage and inform decision making, report on consumption/CO2 . Compare all fuel types mpg-e
    • Reports available from within ODO

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