ODO fleet management enables TysonCooper to expand capacity by automating the mundane whilst also accelerating repeats, renewals and referrals

June 22nd 2020, LONDON – ODO, part of DRIVE Software Solutions, a leading provider of fleet management technology for the leasing, broker and dealer sectors, today announced it has signed an agreement with TysonCooper, a fully approved member of the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers (NACFB) and the BVRLA, to provide fleet management solutions to its varied customer base.

Like many brokers, TysonCooper had limited capacity within their business and recognised the need to automate processes and expand their offering in order to scale. They also needed a solution that can accelerate their repeats, renewals and referrals by keeping them relevant through the lifecycle of a lease.

Partnering with ODO enables TysonCooper to expand their fleet management offering whilst also unlocking capacity both within their business and more importantly within their customers’ business.  ODO’s intuitive fleet management platform delivers three key benefits to TysonCooper’s customers:

  • Peace of Mind. ODO enables vehicles and drivers to remain compliant whilst also making it easy to deliver on duty of care responsibilities (Driver health / Driver safety etc) and giving confidence that any fraudulent activity is identified
  • Lower Fleet Costs through functionality that prevents end of lease surprises, reduces fuel and maintenance costs whilst also reducing down-time
  • A time saving driver App that empowers users to self-serve and manage vehicles efficiently with proactive prompts to identify and prioritise issues, key tasks and reporting.


Many of our customers face similar capacity issues to TysonCooper. It was important to find a partner who could enable both us and our customer to automate mundane processes, free up time and talent and enable a better experience between driver, fleet manager and broker.

ODO delivers in spades and gives us the ability to expand our offering safe in the knowledge that our customers will benefit from time savings whilst also staying compliant and reducing fleet management costs

Chris Harbutt Sales Director


To partner with an ambitious broker like TysonCooper is very exciting. They recognise the market is changing for brokers and expanding to fleet management is a natural progression. ODO enables TysonCooper to future proof their business by giving them the flexibility to adapt to the changing market.

Robert Gorby Chief Commercial Officer for ODO


About TysonCooper
TysonCooper’s purpose is to help our customers get more car (or van, or truck) for their money, while also cutting out the legwork involved in researching and ordering that vehicle. Whether you’re looking to buy, finance or lease, for personal or business use, you can save time and money through TysonCooper.

TysonCooper is a fully approved member of the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers (NACFB), Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the BVRLA.


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