ODO | ‘We think it’s going to take the industry by storm’

For most tech businesses, hearing industry analysts or media commentators describe your solution in this way is the ultimate compliment. However, when it is one of your early adopter customers who makes this statement, that adds a whole new level of weight and value to the statement. So you can imagine our delight to hear that this was exactly how ODO was described by one of our early adopters, Rivervale leasing.

They are leading lights in the vehicle leasing market. Innovation and customer focus are themes which come to life as soon as you step into their state of the art facility in Brighton. Riverdale were looking for a partner who shared their passion for innovation who could help them transform not only their business model, but the fleet management industry more broadly.

“In my opinion fleet management has predominantly been for big fleets in big businesses and I wanted to work with a company that would understand the benefits of fleet management if you run anywhere between five and fifty vehicles,” explained Vince Pemberton, Chief Operating Officer, Rivervale Leasing.

Rivervale have many business customers like engineering firms who are very good at what they do, i.e. Engineering, but they are not good at managing vehicles. Like many businesses they aren’t big enough to justify employing a dedicated fleet manager. Things happen like service intervals get missed because individual engineers out on the road are busy or they forget to get their vehicle serviced and this can lead to breakdowns. The result of that is an engineer who can’t get to his or her appointments, which is costly for the business.

ODO’s easy to use app and dashboard enables businesses like this to save maintenance costs, stay compliant and avoid penalties. In addition it also enables businesses to manage their eco footprint.

More importantly, ODO provides Rivervale and other businesses with an agile platform to embrace the fundamental changes we are seeing in the digital mobility ecosystem.

“We see ODO working in three ways. Firstly for the fleet customer with anywhere between five to fifty or more vehicles. Secondly in the personal leasing world where 24/7 support is offered to vehicle owners for things like proactive servicing, dealing with breakdowns, windscreen repairs and so on and thirdly in the used vehicle part of the Business where customers will get a personalised version of the fleet management programme in addition to the warranty provided by Rivervale. No used car operator even offers anything like this. We think it’s going to take that part of the industry by storm.”

We couldn’t agree more Vince.

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